Japanese Monitors: Acer Launches The KA272bmix, KA242bmix, HA220QAbi

February 21, 2020
Acer Launches The KA272bmix, KA242bmix, HA220QAbi

Japanese Monitors: Acer Launches The KA272bmix, KA242bmix, HA220QAbi

Acer has recently announced three new monitors which have exclusively launched in Japan. They are however planned to be released to other countries but at a later date. These three budget monitors use a Zero Frame design (less monitor-bezzle) to allow for seamless multi-monitor setups.

ACER Monitor Specifications

Model No.BrandSizePanelResolutionBrightnessView AngleRefreshResponseTechnologysRGB
KA272bmixACER27″IPSFHD250 nits178/17875Hz1 ms VRBFreeSync99%
KA242bmixACER24″IPSFHD400 nits178/178240Hz1 ms VRBFreeSync99%
HA2220AbiACER22″IPSFHD250 nits178/178250Hz4 ms GTGFreeSync99%


KA272bmix Specifications

As above, The KA272bmix runs FHD resolution with a claimed 1 ms VRB response time and a refresh rate of 75 Hz. sRGB coverage is also claimed at 99%. The brightness runs at 250 nits typical, 2 2W stereo speakers and 100×100 mm VESA mounting holes. Officially, the monitor does support AMD’s FreeSync technology with no sign of any G-Sync compatibility. The connectivity features an HDMI 1.4 port and a D-Sub port.

KA242bmix Specifications

Please see above table for the following two monitor specifications as the differences are few between the KA242bmix and KA272bmix are minimal, the biggest difference being in screen size (27″ vs 24″ respectively).

HA2220Abi Specifications

The Acer HA2220Abi differs a bit differently than the two other variants, it does feature a 22″ IPS-based screen with FHD resolution, 4 ms response time, and a typical brightness level of 250 nits. Acer has noted that this monitor has no wall mounting capabilities and thus can only be adjusted with tilt movements.


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